Pesat tentera Filipina terhempas, 50 maut

Pesat tentera Filipina terhempas, 50 maut

Jumlah korban dalam nahas pesawat tentera Filipina pada Ahad meningkat kepada 50 orang, sementara 49 yang lain cedera, lapor Sputnik, menurut ABS CBN memetik jurucakap Tentera Filipina.

Jeneral Edgard Arevalo hari ini berkata pihak berkuasa menemui lima lagi mayat menjadikan jumlah korban terkini seramai 50. Korban termasuk 47 anggota tentera dan tiga orang awam.

Mangsa yang cedera pula termasuk 49 anggota tentera dan empat orang awam, kata Arevalo.

Terdahulu, laporan menyatakan 45 penumpang terkorban, manakala 42 yang lain terselamat.

Terdapat lebih 80 penumpang di dalam pesawat C-130 ketika ia terhempas di Pulau Jolo semalam ketika cuba mendarat dan terbabas dari landasan.

Menurut Arevalo, tentera Filipina menggantung sementara penerbangan pesawat C-130.

Dozens killed in Philippine military plane crash

Fifty people have died and dozens more have been injured after a military plane crashed in the Philippines.

The Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft was carrying 96 people, mostly troops, when it overshot a runway at Jolo airport in Sulu province on Sunday.

The soldiers were among reinforcements sent to combat Islamist militants such as the Abu Sayyaf group.

The dead are mainly military personnel, but three civilians on the ground were also killed, the defence ministry said.

Five people were initially listed as missing, but all passengers onboard have now been accounted for.

A spokesperson from the Armed Forces of the Philippines told news site ABS-CBN that they were looking for the flight data recorder to find out why exactly the plane might have crashed.

Major Gen Edgard Arevalo said there was no sign of any attack on the plane.

The plane, which came down at 11:30 local time (03:30 GMT) a few kilometres from the town of Jolo, was carrying troops from Cagayan de Oro, on the southern island of Mindanao.

“It missed the runway, trying to regain power but it didn’t make it,” armed forces chief Gen Sobejana told reporters.

A statement from the regional military force, Joint Task Force Sulu, said “a number of soldiers were seen jumping out of the aircraft before it hit the ground, sparing them from the explosion caused by the crash”.

No details about how they managed to get out of the plane or their condition were given.

Many of those on board had only recently completed basic military training, AFP reports.

The Hercules which crashed in the southern Philippines on 4 June 2021, seen here are after delivery by the US to the Philippines six months before

The plane, previously in service with the US Air Force, was handed to the Philippines in January.

Pesat tentera Filipina terhempas, 50 maut

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