Shah Rezza provides food aid to production crew

Shah Rezza provides food aid to production crew

What started out with an idea to seek donors to help raise funds for staff of Datuk Zaiton Muhd Jiwa-owned Global Station, actor and entrepreneur Datuk Shah Rezza has since gone beyond the call.

He has reached out to assist more than 500 production crew since last Sunday.

The 60-year-old artiste who played Jali in Ali Setan back in 1985 said that he realised many production crew had been affected by the implementation of the current Movement Control Order (MCO).

“It all began when Zaiton told me that she wanted to help buying basic food supply for her crew whom had been out of work since MCO started.

“I asked her if it was okay if I helped her find the donors. So I began asking some of my close friends who are from the royal household and corporate leaders as well as other arts practitioners like Datuk Sheila Majid and Camelia Abang Khalid,” he said in a news report today.

Expressing his gratitude to those who had come forward to donate, Shah Rezza managed to raise RM40,000 all of which had gone to buying food supply for the crew, some of whom also worked with directors Michael Ang and Shuhaimi Lua.

Shah Rezza said their scope was on those working behind-the-scenes like

makeup artistes, cameramen and sound crew as they had been among those worst hit by MCO and the subsequent temporary filming ban.

“They are not poor, but they have lost their source of income during this period. Since they are paid daily wages, when there’s no work, there’s no money coming in. Even I too have been out of work (acting) for six weeks now,” he shared.

Also supporting Shah Rezza’s efforts are NGOs such as Navarro Club and Jihad Anak Seni. Nst

Shah Rezza provides food aid to production crew

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