Many lost money in Love Scam

Many lost money in Love Scam

Far too many have lost money in love scams

A rubber tapper, 58, in Jempol, Negri Sembilan, recently lost RM99,000 of his Employees Provident Fund savings to a love scam.

The retiree had met the woman via Facebook and became close with her since February. They kept in touch through WhatsApp and had never spoken to each other over the phone.

The woman told the man that she was based in Australia and was involved in crude oil business and that her company was facing financial problems.

The victim transferred RM99,000 of his savings in six transactions to the woman’s account.

The woman then asked for another RM131,000 to solve her problem. The victim came to his senses and lodged a report.

We have read reports of single women losing money to love scams, but here a man lost his savings to a woman.

It only goes to show that men and women are equally gullible in love scams.

How these men and women fall head over heels in love with online lovers is a mystery.

They have never seen them in person and yet they are taken in by their “love”. And to part with their money is even more puzzling.

The first few lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, How Do I Love Thee, rings true for these victims: “Let me count the ways, I love thee with the breadth, height and depth my soul can reach.”

Victims in these cases, however, will only be counting their losses. Men and women in online relationships with the opposite sex should never send them money for whatever reason.

Far too many men and women have fallen victims to scoundrels who cheat them of their hard-earned money in the name of love.

When potential victims do not deposit or give money to fraudsters, they will know their true character. The scammers will leave them for other gold mines.

Love relationships should never be developed and based on money. When the giving of money starts in a love relationship, there will be no end to it.

Therefore, always consult relatives and friends before embarking on a relationship online. There may be genuine online lovers, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Nst

Many lost money in Love Scam

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