“Have you become a mute?” Puad Zarkashi Insinuated Mahathir and Muhyiddin on Zeti’s RM700 million.

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It seems that the strength of Mahathir and Muhyiddin is only in one word, “kleptocracy”. But regarding Zeti and her husband, they both kept quiet. – Puad Zarkashi

These two individuals, namely Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin, are very voocal when they want to charge Datuk Seri Najib with the 1MDB issue, which they created.

Every day they released many statements and speeches regarding 1mdb.

They also did Press Conferences all the time.

In any ceremony, whether the Hari Raya ceremony, a wedding ceremony and any other ceremony, if these two creatures are present, if any question was asked towards them, their answer will always be “1MDB”.

None other than 1MDB.

Even when the issue is a scandal case involving others’ wives, the answer will still be “1MDB”.

Now, when it is officially known that the close cronies of Tun Mahathir and Tun Daim were found to have RM700 million missing from the BNM goal has entered into the account of the husband of the BNM goalkeeper, immediately Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin started to suffer the ‘dumb syndrome’.

No words came out of them regarding this matter.

Probably still surprised that the secret has been revealed and the whole people already know that the real “thieves” are among them.

Probably also because if they open their mouths then their words will be used if the case is successfully opened later.

Today, all the speeches of the past regarding 1MDB are also found very contradictory and confusing.

For a long time, it has been said that Muhyiddin approached Tun Mahathir to tell the story of 1MDB in order to bring down Datuk Seri Najib and Tun Mahathir himself had a version of his “trick” about 1MDB, now it all collapses when new truths and evidence have emerged.

It is true what Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s lawyer Tan Sri Shafie said at the beginning of the case.

If the case goes ahead without the interference of the “unseen hands”, Najib will definitely win, said Shafie.

Defense counsel Tan Sri Shafie also stated that the conspiracy will collapse like a house of cards with the truth.

Now, everything is becoming true.

The discovery of new evidence hidden by the defense, will ruin the whole case, because the case took place without full information and the judge judged without knowing there are other things that are favourable to the defense.

Now, with the latest fact that a person who is very close to Tun Mahathir has a total of RM700 million from Jho Low who is labelled as a criminal and fugitive.

It is this scandal that should be tried and talked about first because it happened earlier and the number stolen by Tun Mahathir’s cronies is greater.

What can be learned from this case if it is opened is whether Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin know or not.

There are many ways to prove it, not only whether Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin know or not and how much of it that they know, but also whether they also conspired in the conspiracy to impose DSNR.

In Dr Puad Zarkashi’s latest post, Puad insinuated Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin on the latest issue that was officially exposed that Zeti’s husband Tawfiq Ayman got a sum of RM700 million from Jho Low and Puad asked where were the “kleptocracy” and “corruption” cries went to which were often vocally talked about by Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin?

Have they both suffered from mute syndrome or, more severely, the disease of “hypocrisy”?

In PRN Melaka, the people rejected the taunt of “kleptocracy”. They are more likely to see other words such as “lies, revenge and slander”. Still staying silent? Such a hypocrite – Puad Zarkashi

It is true that until now, Tun Mahathir has not called for Zeti to be prosecuted, it is likely that he realizes that he will be similarly affected if investigated and it is possible that he was involved in leading the conspiracy, which is why the case is very difficult to open.

We are sure, Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin will not respond, due to the habit of remaining silent when guilty.

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