Latest Covid-19 deaths toll at over 10,000 dead

Latest Covid-19 deaths toll at over 10,000 dead

Malaysia’s Covid-19 death toll rose to 10,019 today, after another 164 patients died in the past 24 hours, according to the Health Ministry.

Earlier, the ministry also reported the most new cases in a single day, with another 20,596 infections that pushed the number of active patients to 217,061.

Now, the ministry has disclosed that the number of patients being treated in intensive care units (ICUs) nationwide has also reached a new all-time high of 1,078 people including 549 who required ventilators.

Malaysia’s death toll from Covid-19 has accelerated sharply in the past two months, rising from 2,867 on June 1 when the country went into a “total lockdown” to today’s grim marker of over 10,000 deaths.

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On January 12, when the government announced that an Emergency had been proclaimed to empower it to combat the pandemic, the number of Covid-19 deaths was 559.

On average, Malaysia has lost over 110 people to Covid-19 each day between June 1 and now.

Yesterday, Malaysia also reported its most deaths in a single day from Covid-19 at 257 fatalities.

For perspective, the country lost a total of 471 Covid-19 patients for the entirety of 2020. MM

Latest Covid-19 deaths toll at over 10,000 dead

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