Cops probe 4 teenage girls seen fighting in viral video

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TANAH MERAH: Police are tracking down four teenage girls seen fighting in a viral video.

The video, released yesterday, captures a bullying incident, with two of the girls seen pushing and kicking a victim repeatedly.

According to a report in Utusan Malaysia, Tanah Merah district police chief Zainuddin Md Yusuf said they have not received any reports on the incident so far.

“Based on the information we obtained, we believe this case took place in this district but we have yet to identify the victim and the others (in the video).

“We hope to track down all four teenagers featured in the viral video clip,” he said.

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The 30-second video shows three teenage girls surrounding a victim believed to be aged 12.

Two of them were heard using abusive language and kicking the victim many times. However, the victim did not retaliate.

All the teenagers involved were speaking in the Kelantanese dialect, making all sorts of threats while expressing their anger.

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