Taiwan prosecutors seek death for suspected killer of Malaysian student

PETALING JAYA: Taiwan prosecutors have urged a court there to impose the death penalty on a man charged with abducting and killing a Malaysian university student in October.

The man, with the surname Liang, 28, has been charged with sexual assault and homicide.

He is alleged to have kidnapped Irene Chung, 24, as she was walking back to her dormitory at the Chang Jung Christian University on Oct 28.

Liang was arrested the following day and police said he confessed to strangling Chung with a rope and dumping her body in neighbouring Kaohsiung.

According to Taiwan Central News Agency, Ciaotou district chief prosecutor Wang Po-tun told a press conference that Liang showed no remorse.

Instead, he said, Liang asked about the severity of the punishment he would face and whether he would be extradited to Malaysia.

Liang, the report said, had a criminal record going back to junior high school.

Wang told newsmen that a psychiatric assessment of Liang found him mentally competent and that he posed a high risk of recidivism, according to the Taiwan CNA report.

Wang said due to the brutal nature of the crime, his office had applied to the Ciaotou District Court to sentence Liang to death.

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Prosecutors said that on Sept 30, Liang had attacked another woman near the same location in Tainan’s Gueiren District, but that he fled when she fought back and called for help.

After that incident, Liang searched the internet for tutorials on tying a hangman’s knot, and placed a noose in his car for future use, the report said.

On the evening of Oct 28, he returned to the area around the university and was sitting in his car when he saw Chung about 8.50pm.

Prosecutors said Liang strangled Chung with a rope and sexually assaulted her before placing her in the back seat of his car. He then took her phone and ICash card with which he is believed to have bought snacks and refreshments.

The following afternoon, when he found that she was dead, Liang dumped Chung’s body on Dagang Mountain in Kaohsiung’s mountainous Alian District, according to the charge sheet. He was arrested the same evening.

Chung’s parents flew to Taiwan on Oct 30 to bring back her remains and she was laid to rest at Nirvana Memorial Park in Sibu on Nov 21.

Her family has said they will file a civil suit against Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan City Council and the Taiwanese government for alleged negligence that led to her death.

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