Pogba quits France after President Macron’s remarks on Islam

Pogba quits France after President Macron’s remarks on Islam

Paul Pogba has reportedly quit the France national team over President Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Islamist terrorism’ statement, reports claim.

President Macron said that ‘monstrosity of Islamist terrorism’ must be dealt with strongly following the beheading of Samuel Paty — a school teacher who was killed for showing allegedly communal cartoons to school children. He was decapitated on October 16 after discussing the caricatures of the Prophet with his pupils, by an 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee who was later shot dead by French police.

Pogba, as a practising Muslim, has reportedly decided to quit the national side in the wake of the widespread outrage over Macron’s comments — but neither Pogba nor the French Football Association have confirmed the star’s exit.

Macron labelled the murder of Paty as an ‘Islamist terror attack’ and that the Islam terror wanted the country’s ‘future’.

This would be a huge statement from Pogba with Euro 2021 on the horizon.

It can only be a good thing for United if Pogba was to take some time away from international football, but until there’s confirmation from either the player for French Football Association I will be holding fire on believing anything.

Pogba, a World Cup-winner, has always loved playing for his country.

Expect more updates on this throughout the week. SN

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