“They All Lost Their Jobs” – Photos Of Empty KLIA Show Devastating Effects Of Pandemic

It is truly heartbreaking.

We know that the aviation industry is suffering millions in losses every day, but seeing actual photos of an empty international airport really makes the proverbial saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ real

Photos of an empty Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are going viral on Twitter, drawing sympathy from thousands of netizens.

One photo shows an array of airplanes parked idly in the airport without a single one taxiing about, while another shows a car park without a single shadow.

A chocolate store that used to be a place bustling with people shopping for last-minute souvenirs is now completely bare and what seems to be the drop-off area is only wandered by tumbleweed.

Writing in the thread, @sitiraudzah wonders how the employees who used to work at the airport are doing now

“Airplanes at KLIA are now put to rest,” Siti wrote.

“Thousands of workers were also laid off. Engineers, technical workers, flight attendants, janitors, and more, they all lost their jobs.”

“For employees who have lost their source of income, what do they have to save?”

“Where are all of you, young ones? Usually, at this time, I notice that all of you will be busy checking the plane,” Siti wrote in the caption of a photo showing an airport apron

“Petronas Dagangan employees should be busy with refuelling, Brahim Catering employees should be busy with loading food. Malaysia Airlines Berhad employees should be busy with sending bags to the belly of the plane.”

“Do you have (the money to buy your children) milk, young ones? Are your parents doing okay in kampung? Are you all okay?”

Siti concludes the brief Twitter thread by wishing the affected employees to have the strength to pull through this difficult period.

Penangan Covid-19, dari Pilot menjadi rider Food Panda

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