Nothing is impossible, Ku Li says of Umno and Pakatan pact

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 10 — The idea of Umno forming a pact with Pakatan Harapan (PH) for the next general election (GE15) is not impossible, veteran Umno politician Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said.

Fondly known as Ku Li, the Umno advisory board chairman however said only God will know if the pact could deliver victory.

“How would I know (if Umno working with PH can win the general election)?

“Only God will know. Nothing is impossible if God wants us to win, but there are many things which must be on the ‘menu’ when we face GE15,” he said today during an interview with The Malaysian Insight broadcasted on Facebook.

Among the many things, Ku Li said this includes the manifesto, planning, the aspirations and hopes of the people, what can the pact bring to them in the next five years and applies to all ages.

All these, he said needed to be accounted for; otherwise, it may lead to a situation similar to what is happening now, with many questioning the legitimacy of the government.

“I raised the subject of the government’s legitimacy not because I want to go against him (Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin), but because people on the ground were asking me, if the government is legitimate.

“They said the Agong has recognised it as legitimate. But of course, that is the right of the Agong according to the Federal Constitution.

“But what is he (Muhyiddin) doing (now)? Does he still have the support of the Dewan Rakyat?” Ku Li questioned.

He further elaborated that it is not just the question of a statutory declaration; such support must be proven in Parliament where at least 112 votes are needed.

“If there aren’t 112 votes, out you go. That means the power will shift to someone else and the Agong will appoint a new prime minister. It is his right.

“Whoever holds the position (of prime minister) has to be brave to face the Dewan Rakyat and general election, to determine if he still has the support of the rakyat,” said Ku Li.

In October last year, Ku Li had expressed his support for a motion of no confidence against the prime minister in Parliament.

Ku Li held the position that the motion by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be brought forward and debated in Parliament, as it is important to ensure the legitimacy of the government led by Muhyiddin.

“If he has a strong support, nobody will snatch your position (as prime minister), but if he feels that he no longer has support, then resign lah.

“Follow the Constitution. We have always obeyed the Constitution and sworn by it; even village heads swear by the Constitution. We have to.

“So if you don’t have the support, harshly put, get out lah,” he said.

Ku Li also questioned the delay to reconvene Parliament.

In January, the Agong consented to the proclamation of the nationwide state of Emergency which would last up to August 1, a step taken to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

This meant that Parliament would be suspended temporarily. Although the Agong had in February decreed that Parliament could convene, no dates have been announced thus far.

Ku Li who is also Umno’s Gua Musang MP, said this is no longer a matter of who should be prime minister, but a question of the people’s welfare.

“Thousands are trying to make ends meet.

“From what I have gathered, even the position of a clerk now has over 4,000 applicants including tertiary graduates.

“That is what is happening on the ground. Ask the people. I have,” he said.

He also took a jab at Muhyiddin, asking the latter to surrender his position to someone else due to political and economic instability.

“When the economy and political situation becomes doubtful, people who want to invest in the country will think twice, or even three or four times before bringing their investment here.

“As for those who are interested in investing, it might take two to three years to materialise.

“You cannot wait anymore,” he said. MM

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