Warisan MPs owe Sabahans apology, says DAP leader

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Warisan MPs, who absented themselves from voting during the budget debates yesterday, have come under attack from PH leaders for “letting down the taxpayers.”

Former Johor DAP president Dr Boo Cheng Hau said Warisan had joined PH for the greater good of Sabah and should act accordingly, to fight for Sabahans’ best interests.

“Sabahans voted for you to represent them in Parliament. You were not elected just to vent personal grudges against a single leader or PH itself.

“You should be making your stand against anything in the Supply Bill 2021 that is deemed disadvantageous to Sabah,” he said in a post on his Facebook page today.

Boo added that the Warisan lawmakers had failed taxpayers by not voting against the budgets for the Prime Minister’s Department and finance ministry which were passed yesterday in the Dewan Rakyat by slim majorities in a bloc vote.

“You had the chance to make your vote count, but you chose to shirk your responsibilities at the expense of the taxpayers. They are paying for your voice in Parliament, not your vacation,” he said.

Last night, Sabah PKR Youth information chief Razeef Rakimin responded to the comments from Warisan spokesman Rozman Isli on why the party’s MPs had been absent during the vote, describing his excuse as “childish”.

Using the example of the last state election, Razeef said Warisan’s arrogance would be their downfall. Like Boo, Razeef told the Warisan MPs to carry out their responsibilities to Sabahans.

Yesterday, Rozman, who is Labuan MP, acknowledged that the absence by Warisan MPs was a deliberate move to show the party’s displeasure with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. He added that Warisan intended to sit out during bloc votes on the budget indefinitely. FMT

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