Actress Kate Yeung works as guard due to pandemic

Actress Kate Yeung works as guard due to pandemic

Hong Kong actress Kate Yeung recently admitted that she had to find other ways to make ends meet due to the lack of acting jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to her becoming a security guard.

As reported on HK01, the actress, known for movies like “The Eye 10” and “The Menu”, was recently spotted patrolling a university campus in her security guard uniform, and revealed to the media that she previously worked at a florist and also as a waitress in a restaurant prior to that.

However, she had to find a different job after those businesses also closed down due to the pandemic.

Kate has been working as a security guard
Kate has been working as a security guard
The actress admitted that she didn’t have much knowledge about the real world prior to her said job – seeing that she has been acting since she was 16, and that she enjoyed the said profession.

“Working as a security guard benefited me a lot. It enriches me and helps in my future acting work,” she said.

However, Kate stressed that she is not retiring from her acting job, and that she will be rehearsing a new stage play in July and will be done with her security work at the end of this month.

“A good actor requires experience, so I have always had the idea to try working in different industries for the experience. But my capabilities and my time were limited, as I have only one body.”

She said the job allowed her to get out of the house and to stop dwelling on Covid-19 news. She also got to know people from all walks of life that has enriched her. She added that she is sad to leave her work at the end of this month (June).

Yeung, who was nominated for a Golden Horse award for best supporting actress for the movie 20 30 40 in 2004, has a new acting project coming up and rehearsals start next month.

“I have never left the entertainment industry and I will not give up because I really like acting too much,” she said.

The actress was last seen on the big screen in the Dayo Wong-starrer, “Agent Mr. Chan”.

Actress Kate Yeung works as guard due to pandemic

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