NGOs support Felda’s move to reclaim leased plantation land from FGV

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Non-governmental organisations (NGO) in northern Johor region and Melaka support the plan by the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) to reclaim all plantation land leased to FGV Holdings Bhd as this move would enable the agency to return to profitability.

The NGOs, namely ‘Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Rancangan’ (JKKR), Association of Women’s Movement (GPW), Felda Youth Council Malaysia (MBFM) and ‘Kami Anak Felda’ (KAF) for the regions represent 36 settlements comprising 11,418 settlers.

Settler head for JKKR northern Johor and Melaka region Md Edros Kanda said the move to take back the land would ensure the continuity of the settlers’ livelihoods and would strengthen the financial standing of Felda in the long term.

“The aspiration to take over all plantation land that have been leased to FGV is a long-awaited matter for the Felda community, besides looking at the ability of Felda to manage them by making new changes and restructuring,” he told a press conference here, today.

He said their support would also provide opportunities to the new generation to enjoy the progress made by Felda being the future generation of settlers who will develop the Felda land in line with its transformation.

Md Edros said from 2012 to 2017, FGV had given returns of RM1.9 billion, whereas in 2008 when Felda managed those land, it gave income returns of RM1.8 billion.

“Hence, this take over is seen as appropriate for Felda to undertake and the income to be derived from this would be used to finance the settlers community which covers the activities of the settlers and their generation, education, society, as well as infrastructure across the Felda settlements,” he said.

Previously, it was reported that Felda intends to take back some 350,000 hectares of plantation land that have been leased to FGV as a way to rejuvenate its financial position.

Felda chairman Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said the matter was agreed by the board of directors and the agency is waiting for the directive from the government before negotiations could start with FGV. BERNAMA

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