Malaysian Woman Requests Food Delivery Rider To Buy Condoms & Pads – And He Delivers

A food delivery rider has gone and above his call of duty to deliver not only food to his customer, but also condoms and sanitary pads

Taking to social media to commend the great service, Katty Chan said she was surprised that her strange request in a food order was complied with.

“During the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), my boyfriend and I kept having sex at home without going out,” Chan wrote in a post yesterday, 15 October.

“In the end, I found out that we have used up all the condoms.”

“As I was ordering takeout during lunchtime, I left a remark and requested the delivery rider to help me buy condoms while he was on the way to my place.”

“It turns out that he really delivered it!” Chan exclaimed.

She assured netizens that she paid the rider for the condoms

Based on the photos she posted, the delivery rider is believed to be working for Hungry, a food delivery company that connects customers to merchants in a mobile application.

In Chan’s order at 4.11pm on Wednesday, 14 October, she wrote this in the remark section, “Excuse me, can you buy a packet of condoms for me along the way? I will pay you back when you are here.”

Her strange request ended up getting her three pieces of ‘premium latex condoms’ from the brand Playboy — all without leaving her home in Cheras.

In the evening, she tried it again.

And this time, she requested the rider to buy her sanitary pads.

Surprise, surprise… the rider from Hungry delivered both her food and the additional item she requested.

“In the evening, I challenged (the service) again and asked him to help buy sanitary pads. In the end, he really bought it for me. Does anyone have such an experience before?”

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 300 shares

A netizen shared that he had similar experiences before.

“Yes, an adik from Foodpanda helped me buy cigarettes. Hahah, it was Dunhill,” commented a Facebook user.

Another netizen reminded Chan to give the rider a tip. Says

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