When You Take UMNO For Granted , You Had It

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UMNO last nite dropped the right bombshell on Perikatan Nasional, notably Bersatu, saying that it will reconsider support for the ‘loose’ political pact. It immediately drew unscrupulous ammo from various factions in PN.

Personally, I like it, admiring the guts in Umno president Zahid Hamid and his team. The party’s political bureau meeting has unanimously adopted the stand, which I believe timely after what Bersatu did to Umno and Barisan Nasional during the Sabah state election.

Not just that. Bersatu leaders have been backstabbing Umno ever since they were together in the government that installed Muhyiddin Yassin as the prime minister earlier this year. They even wedge a war within Umno members by creating dirty environment to break the party apart.

Now, they accused Umno of being a traitor. But who the real traitor is? The old saying goes, whatever goes around, comes around. Remember what they did to Mahahir-led Pakatan Harapan and how Muhyiddin, Hamzah Zainuddin and others were overjoyed with the success?

Don’t you remember how Muhyiddin gave Umno portfolios that put them at distant with the rakyat, that this political tactic was non other to see Umno and BN succumb in the next general election? Don’t they remember how sincere Umno was when supporting Muhyiddin to become the premier?

However, where is Bersatu sincerity to Umno? After series of bad disposition against Umno and its leaders, Zahid who has all the while maintained his calm and hold his horses, suddenly made such a drastic decision.

Don’t link it to Anwar Ibrahim’s threat to Putrajaya because Umno (as at now) has no intention to become someone else political tool to pursue their personal quest. Just mirror yourself and rekindle what you’ve done to Umno over the past few months of Perikatan Nasional.

Everybody knows it was greed for power in Bersatu camp that Umno’s support offer was welcomed in the nick of seconds during the political tussle that brought PH down. It so happened that Muhyiddin (not to say he’s a clean man) was somehow ‘slightly the better person’ to form the new government. At that time, BN with the most seats could have easily made Tengku Razaleigh the best candidate for PM but he declined. But that’s politics.

Why must Bersatu and even PN at rage with the announcement by Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan? Or they are just happy to see Umno off?

Gosh! If you have a bit of sincerity, this shouldn’t have happened… but it is happening. What Bersatu did to Umno and Pas was beyond comprehension. They never treated both parties as partners but more of political platforms to achieve their power greed and hunger.

Bersatu sec-gen Hamzah has labelled Anwar as having personal interest when he was granted audience with the King, and that Anwar is a traitor. Let me ask Hamzah, what kind of politics did he subscribed to when leap-frog to Bersatu after BN-Umno lost the 14th general election? Eat up your own words.

Umno just couldn’t contain the frustration after Sabah state election. Remember what Bersatu did to Umno and Pas? Muhyiddin and Hamzah have the full story.

Did you plant some Independents at the state seats where Umno were contesting? Three of them won and later on joined PN. PBS too although there was a written agreement that they will not ‘interfere’ in Umno-BN contested areas.

Since Bersatu was new and had never contested in Sabah, Umno gave them some of its dominated state assembly seats to them, and they won handsomely because Umno members were told to vote Bersatu in the spirit of PN cooperation. Bersatu also agreed earlier that the chief minister post will be given to Umno.

What happened when Muhyiddin named a candidate from Bersatu to become the chief minister, and the fact that Hajiji tried to screw Bung Moktar when naming his cabinet lineup already revealed the darkest side of PPBM. This made Bersatu a crook party!

Anyway, what’s wrong if Umno joins Anwar without DAP? It will be similar to joining Bersatu in PN, right?

Maybe Bersatu has other options but Umno doesnt care much anymore. It cannot be bullied forever by traitors like Hamzah and the once Umno-bred leaders. Muhyiddin too. The only difference is he did not leave Umno but was sacked.

PN or Bersatu can consider to walk with or without Umno. Thay can choose to consider or not Umno’s terms and conditions. Zahid has nothing to loose but Muhyiddin and Hamzah have much to look into. Politics is dirty but you people are filthier.

Talk about tantrums. We got ours too! Never takes Umno for granted. We are no political hooligans, you are!


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