MBSB Bank employee tests Covid-19 positive; Kenanga Int’l branch closed

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An MBSB Bank Berhad employee based at its Kenanga International, Jalan Sultan Ismail branch has tested positive for Covid-19.

In a statement, the bank said the staff member contracted the virus from a family member, and is currently being treated.

“MBSB Bank Berhad confirms that one of its employees, who did not deal with customers directly… at Kenanga International, Jalan Sultan Ismail, has tested positive for Covid-19.

“All MBSB Bank employees from Kenanga International have been asked to revert to working from home.

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“Those with direct contact with said employee have also been asked to work from home,” it said, adding that contact tracing is being conducted.

The bank also said it will be closing its Kenanga International branch to facilitate a thorough sanitisation, today.

It assured all customers and the public that there is no disruption to any of its services; and that it will continue to undertake preventive measures in order to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Nst

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