Johor woman wins Toto 4D jackpot, bags RM16.8 million

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A lucky punter scooped up RM16.8 million after winning the Toto 4D Jackpot 1 on Sept 23.

The 59-year-old sales manager from Johor was in disbelief over her huge winnings, which she described as her “pension fund” as she is just one year away from retirement.

“Year 2020 is not too bad for me after all, as I will be retiring next year,” she told Sports Toto when collecting her winnings, recently.

The winner disclosed that she had been betting on her family’s car registration numbers for many years.

“I have been buying this set of winning numbers – 9098 and 9962 – and this is the first time I won a prize with these numbers.

“I was doubtful when my sister told me that I could have won a jackpot on Wednesday evening.

“It proved to be true after I checked the result on the Internet and again at the Sports Toto outlet the next day,” she said gleefully.

She bought a System 8 ticket for RM56 and won RM16,786,147.55 plus an additional RM2,016.

Asked about her plan for the prize money, she said she will embark on a tour around the world once the Covid-19 pandemic runs its course. Nst

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