Muhyiddin says Shafie Apdal has not done enough

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Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Sabah needs a state government that is capable of doing more to help ease the people’s burden amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister said the people of Sabah should choose a government that is aligned with the Perikatan Nasional (PN)-led federal government, which has proven itself in helping the rakyat grapple with the impact of the coronavirus.

“Sabah’s economy needs to recover fast. I’m not saying Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal has not given anything, but it is not enough because there is no cooperation with the federal government,” he said.

Muhyiddin, who is PN chairman, said this today at a gathering here, which was also attended by Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee and the PN candidate for the Bandau seat, Datuk Wetrom Bahanda.

Sabah will go to the polls on Sept 26.

Muhyiddin said he hopes that no one would belittle federal assistance, as it is very much needed by the people.

“Don’t say I’m colonising Sabah… there are also some who allege I’m not doing anything. I have been running the government for only seven months, and the PN government has proven to be effective and functional. The World Health Organisation has also acknowledged Malaysia as among the best in fighting Covid-19.

“Despite this short period, the PN government has shown its experience and capability in tackling this challenge (the pandemic), which has never been experienced by the world before. I can’t promise you the moon and the stars because I’m not God, but I promise to help revive the economy of the people and country,” he added.

He urged supporters and PN’s party machinery to work together and help explain to the people the government’s efforts to combat Covid-19. Bernama

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