Winding-up petition filed against Pappa Rich

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PETALING JAYA: A winding-up petition has been filed against Pappa Rich Group Sdn Bhd which runs the popular chain of Pappa Rich restaurants.

According to a legal notice published in the New Straits Times on July 2, the petition was filed by AgathisFour Sdn Bhd, which is understood to be an investment holdings company.

When contacted, a Pappa Rich representative declined to comment.

“As the matter is now the subject of litigation, it ought to be left for the determination of the court,” the representative said.

The lawyers representing AgathisFour also declined to comment.

According to its website, Pappa Rich, known for its wide selection of local food and beverages, runs 125 restaurants worldwide, 83 of which are in Malaysia.

Overseas, it has outlets in Australia, Singapore, the US, New Zealand, China and South Korea, among others.


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