Sack Board members of TH or face backlash from Muslims!

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The tenure of the full Board of Directors (BoD) of Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) is due to expire any day now.

If Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin intend to stay long as PM, he should override the Minister in the Prime Minister Department in charge of Islamic Affair and sack the the whole evil lot of the BOD, especially Dato Zaiton binti Hassan.

Subsequently, he should establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry with the objective of investigating and charging all of them in court for criminal offenses.

Ignoring this warning will result in backlash and anger from the Muslim community once the whole truth known of the manipulations, falsehoods and slanders by those intent to reduce TH to merely a travel agent and deposit taking and staff to be salesman for Bank Islam products!

The Wahabi Dr Zulkifli Mohamad al Bakri should be sternly warned by Muhyiddin not to interfere and engage the BOD of TH to whiten the evil lots.

In the past and present, Dr Zul has habitually provide cover for religious wrongdoings, deviants and anti-Islamic movements by disrupting investigations and actions through engagement with these perpetrators.

It gives then space to be left unhindered to continue their ill intentions against established Islamic practises and institutions.

Daim-men Chairman

The current BOD and management of TH have criminally committed slander, cruelly fixing staff and management up, concocting fictitious allegations now proven to be wrong and carrying out self serving decisions in the management of TH.

The 9 membered BOD is led by Chairman Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof who is Chairman of Malaysia Airlines. It is hardly any secret that the former Bank of Commerce banker is Tun Daim Zainuddin man and was appointed at the request of Council of Emminent Persons (CEP) in which Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz is a member.

The former banker played a significant role in the clearance sales of TH assets and at Daim’s instruction, sytematically made TH operationally redundant by putting a full stop to all investment activities.

Mohd Nor was responsible for the scripted lies and slanders concoted for PH to use against former BN government and previous management. He created fear to result in a bank run among depositers to ensure they withdraw from TH and place money with Bank Islam.

To themselves in the future, they did not reinstate the suspended management but instead brought people from MAS to head finance. Mohd Nor failed in his turnaround of MAS. Does he expect MAS staff able to turnaround the financial affair of TH?

Evil Empress Dowager

The person instrumental in getting BIMB staff to dominate all levels of TH and despite not familiar with Haj Operation, insisted to be send for duty to Mekah for Haj last few years is former BIMB Director and TH Drector, Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan.

Zaiton should be considered as “tali barut” to Lim Guan Eng to help destroy TH. “Tali barut” is a Malay derogatory term to describe perpatrators covorting with communist enemies to result in the atrocities on and death to Malays during Bintang Tiga occupation of Malaya after the end of World War II.

For her services, Zaiton was rewarded with an RM800,0000 a year package to be Chairman of Bank Pembangunan.

Instead of turning around the Bank, as usual she is busy with organisational politics and witch hunting as she had done at TH. The Edge repeatedly wrote of her failure to bring about any turnaround at the Bank.

Any claim on achievement will be mere window dressing. Tengku Zafrol or the Minister responsible should be sack her from the Bank!

Together with Mohd Nor, Zaiton played a leading role in concocting lies and slander towards BN government and cheap sales of TH asset.

And, she was personally responsible for TH losing RM50 million for subscribing in bonds issued by her former Maybank collegue company, Offshore Works Sdn Bhd for which she played a role in orginating the bond through her private consultancy practise.

As member of the BOD of Bank Islam, it was clear cut conflict of interest and abuse of power. BNM covered for her.

Zaiton played a role to end the cooperation between TH and Sultan Pahang in plantation and is believed to have given wrongful information to Sarawak Report. It tarnished the good name of DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong.

She lied, slandered and cruelly fixed six top management of TH with false allegation in their police report with intention to replace them, but police found no wrongdoings done and yet all have not been reinstated to their previous positions.

In cahoot with Bank Negara Malaysia, specifically former and prersent Governors, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Dato Nor Shamsiah, Zaiton, former CEO Dato Zukri and supported by current CEO Dato Nik Hasyudeen, they made claims of accounts manipulation, unjustified hibah and allegation of infringment in accounting standards and Tabung Haji Act by the previous management.

Till today, the current management has yet to sort out the 2018 accounts to meet the wishful accounting standard and approved by Auditor General to be in compliance with the governing Act of TH.

The public were being duped by then opposition and opposition sympathiser in the mass media who created the impression there were massive wrongdoings in Lembaga Tabung Haji.

The convenient political targeted former Chairman, Dato Azeez Rahim and former CEO Tan Sri Ismee Ismail has yet to be charged for any wrongdoings.

Not even any remand order by police or MACC.

Till today, all of Zaiton’s concocted lies have NOT been proven true.


Sack all BOD

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