1. There has never been a political conspiracy in Malaysian history which is as ugly as the one ochestrated by Dr Mahathir and his PH comrades to bring Datuk Seri Najib down.

2. Everything was properly planned in order to ‘assasinate’ Najib’s political career. Mahathir knew that Najib is a leader with superb intelligence. Thus, Mahathir needed everything to blend together. When the going got tough Mahathir decided to direct his arsenal into the path of Najib’s closest allies especially the family members. Nobody in Najib’s family was spared. His wife, mother, children, brothers and close associates had to face a barrage of wild accusations from a very angry old man whose love for his children has no boundaries.

3. Perhaps if there was any weakness in Najib, it must have been his trust on some people. Najib believed that with everything he had done for the country, the rakyat would not fall into the PH’s constant slander . He was gravely mistaken. Mahathir won the emotions of the people with his smear campaigns.

4. When BN fell, Mahathir wasted no time in making Najib and his family’s life a living hell. It was a big error in judgement as the rakyat decided that there is a limit to humiliation on the son of a much respected second Prime Minister of the country. Most of all, the rakyat now started to think.

5. When everything seemed lost for UMNO, Najib refused to throw in the white towel and he came back strongly with the phenomenal wave of ‘Malu Apa Bossku’. Nobody can deny that for the first time, Mahathir’s knees were shivering and many were asking why on earth did Najib wait so long to show his true strengths in political battle. The truth is Najib is a gentleman of the highest quality. He had been humiliated beyond boundaries. Pushed too far, he had to fight back as he decided ‘enough is enough’. His mental strength is strong and he now enjoys the fight.

6. With his influence, Najib is the biggest factor to sway the GE 15’s results into Muafakat Nasional’s favour.
Dont shed any tears fo Najib as true leaders dont need any.

7. NAJIB is now unstoppable.

By. Cikgu Kamarul

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