Malaysia Airports acts against rude staff after singer’s complaint

Malaysia Airports today said it had taken disciplinary action against an aviation security employee after singer Nourul Huda Abdul Wahab complained that she was discourteously treated by the officer when seeing off her parents-in-law at KLIA last Saturday.

Following the complaint made by the singer on Instagram, it said it had launched an investigation which confirmed the incident.

“Malaysia Airports does not condone rude behaviour on the part of any of its staff and has taken disciplinary action on its aviation security personnel,” it said in a statement.

It also apologised to Nourul and her family.

“We are deeply committed to delivering a warm and welcoming experience to all our airport guests and any digression from our service culture, even while implementing established standard operating procedures, will not be tolerated.”

Nourul, who is married to Frenchman Eric Depp, was at KLIA to see off her parents-in-law on June 13.

In her post on IGTV, Nourul said she went with Depp’s parents as they were not fluent in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

But as she was clarifying to an officer that her parents-in-law would be taking the flight, another officer interjected in a raised voice, telling them that only passengers were allowed to go in.

Even when her husband attempted to explain that his parents could not speak English, he was cut off, with the officer saying they were not allowed in.

Nourul then said she ticked off the officer, telling him he was “very rude” and asking him to explain the procedures properly next time.

Her post had garnered 117,328 views at the time of writing.

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