Tofu factory shut down after DBKL raid uncovers ‘disgusting’ conditions

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A tofu processing factory in Jalan Pudu Ulu Cheras here – which has high ratings on an online travel site – was shut down by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) on Monday (June 15) for violating various health and safety regulations.

A DBKL officer from the health and environment department said after seeing the conditions of the place that he had sworn off eating tofu.

“I could not help myself and almost threw up.

”It was so disgusting and I felt queasy throughout the time I was there, ” he said.

Acting on a public tip-off, officers who raided the place, said the place was infested with cockroaches and littered with rat droppings.

From the evidence at the site, DBK said the tofu was prepared on the floor as there were traces all over the place.

Operators also did not wear headgear or gloves, with some of the workers not even wearing shirts.

The factory was ordered closed for 14 days under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983.

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Sebaran :

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