Huawei helps Health Ministry fight Covid-19 with tech solutions

Huawei Malaysia has joined in the country’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by offering technological solutions to the government.

The tech giant contributed four solutions to the Health Ministry, including video conferencing, wireless network coverage, artificial intelligence (AI) and smartphones.

“Huawei’s Public Health Event Emergency Response Solution will enable health experts to work with frontline medical professionals to conduct remote online consultations, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment, and ensure continuous communication in real-time between the government and public hospitals, ” the company said in a statement on Friday (April 10).

One component of this is the Huawei Telemedicine Video Conference, which provides secure and reliable connection for quarantine hospitals to enable real-time video conference with the Health Ministry.

It is based on the latest H.265 technology, and ensures a full HD video experience capable of operating even on limited bandwidth.

Another component is the Hospital Wireless Network Communication Solution, which provides wireless network coverage for hospitals, wards and emergency medical tents.

“With Huawei 5G-powered antenna and algorithm technologies, this wireless network communication can provide services with no waiting time and achieve no packet loss during roaming.

“This allows various users, including doctors in diagnostic rooms, nurses in wards, and epidemic emergency teams to utilise the high-speed network connection in their combat against Covid-19, ” it added.

Huawei Malaysia has also included the AI Cloud Auto Detection Solution as part of its response solution.

The technology leverages cloud services such as cloud-network synergy, Big Data and AI of Huawei Cloud to enable early detection and diagnosis of infected patients.

The company has also supplied 200 new units of Huawei Nova 7i to the ground crew of hospitals to enhance their communication network.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba expressed his appreciation to Huawei.

“The Ministry extends its appreciation to Huawei Malaysia for its generous offer to aid Malaysia, especially to our frontliners of the healthcare profession in this trying times.

“Through their donation, we continue to press forward in curbing this pandemic as quickly as possible, ” he said at the donation ceremony on Thursday (April 9).

Huawei Malaysia chief executive Michael Yuan said the company has taken stringent preventive measures to uphold the safety of its employees and that its operations will continue to serve its clients.

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