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GBM urges Anwar and Pakatan leaders to be civil

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Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) has urged Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Harapan leaders to be civil when disagreeing with an analysis of its governance, instead of pursuing a personal attack.

GBM president Zaid Kamaruddin defended its adviser Dr Lim Teck Ghee after the PKR president lambasted the academician for being silent on Barisan Nasional’s era of corruption.

“We are disappointed that Anwar is questioning Lim’s rights and credibility to express his thoughts and sentiments on the performance of the Pakatan government, ” he said in a statement.

Lim had said during the “Whither Maruah Malaysia 2.0” forum that Malaysia under the Pakatan government was an “unmitigated disaster”.

He pointed out Pakatan’s failures as including those related to race relations, religion, the Dr Zakir Naik controversy and the Malay Dignity Congress.

GBM came to Lim’s defence by describing him as one of the civil society organisation’s passionate and principled public policy scholars.

“He was vociferous on the corruption and excesses of the BN regime when Anwar was incarcerated in Sungai Buloh, ” Zaid said.

He highlighted Lim’s achievements as a former United Nations regional adviser and World Bank senior economist, as well as receiving many international academic awards.

Zaid urged Anwar to read Lim’s book, Challenging Malaysia’s Status Quo, before casting aspersions on the academician’s thoughts and intentions.

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