Anwar’s fate in God’s hands, says Zuraida

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Only fate will decide whether PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim succeeds in becoming the next prime minister, says PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin.

“Like all other human beings, Anwar’s fate is in God’s hands.

“Only Allah will decide. We leave it to Allah,” she said after opening a Plogging campaign in Pandan Indah to promote the culture of collecting trash for cash.

She said this when asked to comment on a Bloomberg news report quoting Anwar as saying that he would likely take over the premiership in May next year.

Zuraida also called on Anwar to show a “big heart” if he aspires to become the eighth prime minister.

She said a person aspiring to be the number one leader of the country should not reject a simple request to hold a reconciliation meeting with elected leaders from his own party.

“We want to meet him, and I think as a leader aspiring to be the eighth prime minister, he should show a big heart,” she said in response to Anwar’s decision not to entertain the request made by a disgruntled group in his party.

Anwar said it was unnecessary to hold such a meeting as requested by those boycotting regular party meets.He said they could always meet and discuss during regular party meetings.

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