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Ti: MCA will close gaps, not pronounce war on Umno-PAS pact

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MCA will build consensus, understanding and close the gap between the various racial or religious groups, says Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker (pic).

The MCA vice-president said the party will not follow DAP’s stance against the political cooperation between UMNO and PAS or label the act “Taliban-like”.

“On the contrary, we are going to engage and remind them to be mindful of the fabric, content and spirit of the Federal Constitution, that is the very foundation of our beloved country and has given us peace, harmony and progress for the past 60-odd years,” he said in a statement on Sunday (Sept 15).

The cooperation between political parties is partial and inherently a norm, and there are common issues and platforms that political parties should work on, he said.

Ti said that MCA was not going to deny or pretend that there were no racial or religious political divides in Malaysia.

“We do not want ‘apartheid’-like politics in Malaysia whereby cooperation with or among certain religions or races is seen to be a ‘taboo’ or ‘forbidden’,” he said.

Ti said that all political parties should be accorded their rightful dignity and respect.

“In the spirit of the founders of Malaysia, we must attempt to build inter-racial and inter-religious understanding, cooperation and tolerance.

“MCA will continue to uphold this spirit of our founding members, provided that the Constitution and its spirit is not being trespassed or trampled upon,” he said.

Despite having suffered collateral damage in the last general election, MCA will hold on to the belief that the way forward is cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding, he said.

In March, it was reported that DAP leaders such as Lim Guan Eng and Datuk Nga Kor Ming voiced concerns over the mono-ethnic partnership between PAS and Umno.

Nga was also reported to have told the Chinese press that if an Umno-PAS coalition were to come into power, Malaysia could turn into a Taliban-like state.

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