Tunnel -to-Kasi

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UMNO have explained numerous times already about the 1MDB case.

If we follow Kit Siang’s logic that UMNO is getting dumb and dumber because Kit Siang alleges UMNO was silent then I fear Kit Siang is beyond help.

He has been absolutely silent on the PH government dropping all investigations on the BNM Forex Scandal that cost us RM33b then (worth RM100 billion now despite the RCI recommendations clearly stating that this scandal must be investigated by the authorities.

Kit Siang should also follow the PM’s advice to check into Tanjung Rambutan straightway too because he too has been silent when the MACC under the PH government expressed great shock in a statement that the corruption case against his son was dropped by the AG office under the PH government

Kit Siang has no credibility to comment on anything if he does not dare comment on the BNM Forex Scandal where no one is held responsible for a loss equivalent to RM100 billion today, where his son’s corruption case that already in court can be dropped and does not dare question why the AG Office has not responded to 5 open investigations papers on the Penang Tunnel scandal despite them being submitted by by MACC more than 1 1/2 years ago.

Sebaran :

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