It’s a headache for Dr Mahathir

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IT’S good that Umno, MCA, MIC and Pas did not emulate the parties in Pakatan Harapan when they were the Opposition by asking those embroiled in personal and moral crisis to step down or at least take leave. That’s their double-standard.

Better to not even contemplate on whatever move Dr Mahathir should make in order to quash public negative perception on the one-year Cabinet, now struggling for its upkeep and image-cleaning. Just don’t be bothered, you in BN and Pas will be alright.

As to whether something ‘big’ might happen in September, or anytime from now, its God and Dr M to decide, and the deciding factor is up to him (or could be the rising immense criticism) to weigh.

While the legal cases against Najib, Zahid, Azeez and others are still pending and there are indications that it will fizzle out due to the world-known selective and politically-motivated PH agenda, cases involving their leaders are proven and possibly cannot be swept under the carpet.

The people are watching. Sicked and tired of many unfulfilled promises, the trend sees an uprising dissent for the current government to be replaced soon. Nothing to stop the flow unless something miracle happens in Putrajaya under Dr M.

With Lim Guan Eng caught lying over the RM19.4 billion GST refund, a Perak exco accused of raping his Indonesian maid, Azmin Ali deeply in trouble over the Sandakan sex tape, Anwar Ibrahim and Mukhriz rushing to be No.1 and friction within PKR are signs of decaying attitude in Pakatan Harapan.

Their Rule of Law is clawing back on them. While the court is convinced that former Bank Negara governor Zeti Aktar Aziz knew and assisted Najib to get the RM2.6 billion political fund from Saudi royal family, Dr M finds it almost impossible to provide some back-ups for Azmin anymore.

Anwar said Azmin should quit over the scandal while Azmin lambasted back by asking his former boss to mirror himself (over the sodomy scandal). Rift between them gets wider, which saw the split between supporters of Anwar and Azmin. Where does this lead to, is not for BN to know.

But I am of the opinion that Dr Mahathir will not dissolve the Parliament now. He is smart. He is not pleased with Umno-Pas political collaboration. Dissolving Parliament and calling for a snap election will be a goodbye to Mukhriz in Jerlun. He is aware of it and the strong assault by the two party cooperation.

The best choice is for him to bring Umno and Pas closer under his ‘Malay unity’ agenda, which was fast rejected on the ground that no cooperation will be established with any leaders and parties that share the same plate with DAP.

The most interesting part is to observe the calm in DAP. Although infected by its Perak exco alleged rape case, it’s a ‘no case’ at all under PK Rule of Law, means everything can be ‘kautim’ with the AGC and court.

Just imagine if they are still the Opposition. They will keep on sharpening knives and tongue on cases involving BN. However, Umno and the rest are not hooligans. Recapturing Putrajaya in the next general election is their ultimate objective.

The question is, will Dr M be able to hold the fort until GE15? Should he chooses for early retreat, who would replace him? Anwar? Azmin? Mukhriz? Or give it away to the dogs? Having so many different uneven pact makes him worry.

With his Malay agenda already tumbling down, what’s in store is a bunch of trouble boxes, some to turn into junk while some need to be cleanup. The only choice now is to dissolve the Parliament, which to me is eating up on him.

Let’s wait and see how he attends to all these crap. Pity him as he was okay as the BN chairman during his tenure as the fourth premier. I think had he knew of the current situation, he wouldn’t want to be with them!

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