Bring in the logic and senses, please!

NAZRI Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin are the two most outspoken in Umno. They could be right and wrong at the same time but they must be able to suit the moment and occasion. Umno doesn’t need ‘yesmen’ to recap the glorious of the past for it needs positive differing views too.

Their frustration over Umno and Barisan Nasional loses in the 14th general election is substantiated on the 1MDB scandal which both solely blame former prime minister Najib Razak, who faces multiple court cases.

While most members and analysts are of the stand that ‘a man is innocent until proven guilty’, they are fast to pass own verdict that Najib is guilty, and thus not qualified to hold any positions in Umno or Barisan Nasional. With his appointment as chairman to BN’s advisory council, they foresee more torrid time ahead of any possible victory in the next poll.

KJ, for instance, argued that Najib will become a liability for BN and Umno, the same anecdote that he applied on president Zahid Hamidi. To him, ‘the clean and perfect leaders’ must prevail in the party, and not those who are facing legal battle and personalised issues.

After losing Umno presidential to Zahid in July 30 last year, KJ has gone around claiming the party needs changes and people like him are more capable of injecting new ideas to the grassroots and Malaysians.

Maybe he is in deniable syndrome by rejecting suggestions that the Youth wing, under his stewardship before GE14, had failed to embrace the young voters and bring them closer to Umno. Unlike DAP, PKR, Bersatu and Amanah which embarked on programs to entice them, Umno Youth has been quite complacent.

Nazri too. He enjoyed the confidence fed to him by his political cadres, took for granted the alarm before GE14.

However, the latest vendetta against Najib and Zahid doesn’t augur well amid ‘penyatuan ummah’ between Umno and Pas. I am not very sure if they are against it too because it seems that they are not interested in the Malay unity.

They keep on sharpening their knives against Zahid and Najib when they are supposed to cease, at least temporarily, and help them party to regain strength as preparations for the next general election, which may come as early as next year.

They may have a valid point about Najib. They may have strong foundation to have Najib and Zahid replaced. But party election is still two years away. Except for Nazri who had never went against Zahid, KJ is more adamant in getting a new president. The question is, who? He himself?

Zahid plays a leading role in Umno-Pas political collaboration, which has shown results in Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau. Unless KJ is more focus on his personal campaign to become Umno president, or even to jump ship (as some analysts have put it), that’s his problem.

Nonetheless, I believe Umno needs both of them in playing some parts of its struggle, mainly in fortifying it for GE15 and not to dig up more holes in the wall.

The best option for them now is to sit down with Zahid for the sake of Umno, and also with Najib to stress out their professional arguments as to substantiate their grounds of objection. There could be some light herein because venting their anger in the open forum is not a conduct of wisdom.

Being vocal is good and acceptable but it must come with clear mind. We can turn up as heroes should we abide by the right attitude.

Zahid is not having much difficulties since come back to office on July 30. Najib’s role in BN needs to be addressed eloquently and with proper explanation. I hope both of them come to their sense and have trust in dialogues.

Umno and BN are no longer the government. To shake and tear it apart is not in their mind, I believe. If they take a serious thought on unity, come forward. If not, just continue being the facilitators of Pakatan Harapan government!

Isn’t Umno still your party? That’s what you have claimed!

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