Mahathir Silap Besar Guna Ahli Parlimen UK, Ann Clwyd Sebagai Agen Provokator Baru


1. Tindakan Ahli Parlimen United Kingdom, Ann Clwyd (parti Labour/pembangkang) membentangkan “early day motion (EDM)” dalam House of Commons bagi membangkitkan isu 1 Malaysia Development Berhad merupakan sebahagian agenda agenda Mahathir mahu menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri Mohd Najib Tun Razak dan Barisan Nasionnal.

2. Apakah tidak aneh Ann Clwyd muncul setelah Tun Mahathir bercuti panjang di United Kingdom pada hari raya lalu. Tidak mustahil selain pengarang Sarawak Report,  Ann Clwyd, merupakan salah seorang yang dijumpa oleh Mahathitr bagi meneruskan agenda beliau menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

4.  Clwyd mempunyai satu sejarah lama dengan Tun Mahathir sejak Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri lagi. Pembabitan Clwyd ini mengembalikan nostalgia lama mengenai tuduhan korupsi media-media Britain dan Ahli Parlimen Britain ke atas Perdana Menteri Mahathir Mohamad.

5. Antara tuduhan utama ialah kontroversi pembelian senjata dan pembinaan empangan hydro Pergau.

Most prominent was the contention that the British Government had paid pounds 234m in aid for a project its own officials considered unnecessary and ‘a bad buy’ – the Pergau hydro-electric dam scheme in northern Malaysia. Sir Tim Lankester, the former permanent secretary at the Overseas Development Administration, told the Public Accounts Committee last January that aid for the Pergau dam was linked to a pounds 1.3bn sale of arms to Malaysia – something the Government had persistently denied. He also told the committee that final approval for the aid package had come from John Major, leading to charges against the Prime Minister of ‘abuse of the aid system’. Under fierce questioning in the Commons, Mr Major conceded that he had rejected the advice of senior civil servants.

6. Tun Mahathir kemudiannya bergaduh dengan  akhbar The Sunday Times dan Andrew Niel dan mengadakan sekatan perniagaan ke atas syarikat Britain, apabila akhbar tersebut mendakwa Perdana Menteri Malaysia itu antara penerima suapan utama beberapa projek syarikat Britain.

“But the crucial moment in press coverage came with an article in the Sunday Times which reported that Dr Mahathir himself was in line for a personal bribe. The newspaper suggested that Wimpey, the construction giant, was involved in negotiating special payments to Malaysian politicians at the highest level to secure a pounds 615m building contract for an aluminium smelter. The company was allegedly prepared to pay Dr Mahathir pounds 35,000.

Wimpey did not challenge the story and despite a last-minute intervention by Mr Major, an incensed Dr Mahathir severed commercial relations with Britain five days later, thus freezing negotiations for Malaysian government contracts worth billions.

…How the story reached the pages of the Sunday Times in the first place is as tortuous as the whole arms-for-trade business. A story about alleged bribes from Wimpey to Malaysian politicians had been touted around a number of national newspapers, including the Observer and the Independent. A freelance journalist said he would offer supporting documentary evidence in return for pounds 5,000.

Both papers declined the offer and some weeks later the Sunday Times published a similar story. The paper says it had its own source, but one version of events from inside News International suggests that the allegations emerged by luck out of a Sunday Times Insight investigation into Derek Hatton, the former leader of Liverpool council, and irregularities in the award of building contracts.

Either way, Mr Neil stands by the article and his decision to run it: ‘British journalism remains in tact. We cannot be intimidated by governments or big business.’

5. Berbalik kepada Clywd yang mendakwa mempunyai bukti ada kegiatan rasuah antara Kerajaan Mahathir Mohamad dan kerajaan Margaret Tatcher.

6. Sir Tim Lankester, bekas Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan British menulis dalam bukunya “The Politics and Economics of Britain’s Foreign Aid: The Pergau Dam Affair”, bahawa kegagalan Ann Clwyd memberi bukti atas tuduhan yang dibuat menyebabkan hal tersebut tidak dapat diselesaikan dengan tuntas.

7. Dalam inkuiri yang dibuat Ann Clwyd telah gagal memberi bukti yang beliau dakwa, dan menyatakan lupa siapa pemberi maklumat beliau.

INGAT INI: Lebih 20 tahun lalu ketika disoal oleh pasukan penyiasat UK, Ann Clwyd tiba-tiba sahaja menyatakan beliau tiada bukti pentadbiran Mahathir mengambil rasuah dan LUPA siapa sumber dakwaan beliau terhadap kerajaan Mahathir.

8. Apakah beliau menipu ketika itu atau telah dibeli oleh Mahathir sejak hari itu?

9. Hari ini Clwyd muncul lagi untuk menyerang seorang lagi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Apakah ini agenda beliau atau agenda Mahathir?

Yang pasti Clwyd ada sejarah tersendiri dalam memanipulasi keadaan untuk kepentingan politik beliau dan Mahathir.

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