Malaysia Today “Dedah Anwar dan MyWatch Cuba Pengaruhi Pegawai Penyiasat Kes Liwat”


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Pengerusi MyWatch, NGO pencegahan jenayah, Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnanwork didakwa terbabit dalam komplot memalsukan keterangan pegawai penyiasat kes liwat Anwar ke atas pembantu peribadinya, Saiful Bukhari Mohd Azlan seminggu sebelum pilihan raya umum ke-13.

Dalam pendedahan siri pertama portal Malaysia Today hari ini, penulis portal terbabit memetik pegawai penyiasat kes Liwat, Supritendan Judy Blacious Pereira (Jude Pereira) bahawa seminggu sebelum pilihan raya beliau diminta membuat kenyataan akhbar bahawa kes liwat II ini merupakan satu komplot kerajaan.

Menurut Malaysia Today, Jude berjumpa dengan Sanjeevan di hotel PJ Hilton seminggu sebelum pilihan raya umum atas permintaan pengerusi Mywatch tersebut.

Dalam perjumpaan tersebut Sanjeevan telah meminta agar membuat kenyataan akhbar bahawa semua tuduhan terhadap Anwar Ibrahim hanyalah satu komplot kerajaan dan Barisan Nasional. Sanjeevan berjanji bahawa Pakatan Rakyat hampir pasti menang dalam pilihan raya umum lalu dan mereka akan menjaga kebajikan Jude sekiranya beliau membuat kenyataan sedemikian.

Sanjeevan turut menghubungi Anwar Ibrahim dan menyuruh Jude bercakap dengan Anwar. Bagaimanapun Jude memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak akan membuat apa-apa kenyataan yang menggambarkan terdapat sebarang komplot oleh kerajaan kerana siasatan beliau tidak menemui sebarang unsur sedemikian.

Jude menyatakan bahawa beliau hanya sanggup membuat kenyataan akhbar bahawa beliau menghormati keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi membebaskan Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysia Today turut menyatakan bahawa kisah Jude ini tidak didedahkan sebelum ini bagi mengelakkan menghina Mahkamah kerana perbicaraan Anwar belum selesai pada peringkat Mahkamah Rayuan dan Persekutuan.

Pendedahan siri pertama ini sangat menarik kerana ia dijangka turut mengaitkan bekas Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan dalam episod seterusnya.

Many months following GE13, I travelled to Ipoh and met Jude at his residence, where he related his experience to me rather explicitly, almost as if it had happened the day before. I was shocked to learn of a possible element of complicity that seemed to involve Musa, Sanjeevan and Anwar. I then persuaded Jude to let me publish the account for the benefit of the nation.

Jude cautioned me of ongoing litigations that had to do with Sodomy 2 and another case he was involved with. Following this, I decided not to pursue the matter any further.

Then, almost as soon as the verdict on Anwar’s Sodomy 2 appeal was read out by Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria some days back, Jude and I communicated with each other over the phone on prospects of an expose that would relate his (Jude’s) account to the public without fear or favour.

That said, as follows is Jude’s personal account of his encounter with Musa and Sanjeevan before GE13 (which was written down by Jude recently and agreed upon by me and Jude for publication):

“It was about a week before the last GE in 2013. I was in my house in Ipoh when I was contacted by TS Musa, the ex IGP. He asked me to meet him in his house at PJ if I was free. He did not indicate the reason why he wanted to see me but I guessed that it could have something to do with some job offer as a lecturer he wanted me to take. I told TS Musa that I could meet him the coming Wednesday at about 3 pm and he agreed.”

“Before I received this call from TS Musa, a person who introduced himself as Sanjeevan, the Crimes Watch Chairman, called me several times and requested for me to meet him at PJ Hilton. He, too, did not specify the reason why he wanted to meet me. I thought that I might as well kill two birds with one stone; first to meet TS Musa and subsequently, Sanjeevan at PJ Hilton. I did not think that the two meetings were related until I met TS Musa in his house.”

“It was about 2.30 pm when I met TS Musa at his house in Jalan Gasing, PJ. We went out for tea at Lotus restaurant, which was nearby his house. As we sat at a table over tea, TS Musa told me that he was an adviser now with Crimes Watch Malaysia of which Sanjeevan is the Chairman. According to TS Musa, Sanjeevan is closely associated with DSAI (Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim) and that DSAI had indicated that he wants to be friends with him (TS Musa).

“TS Musa then asked me quite directly whether, as the investigation Officer of Sodomy 2, there was any conspiracy in my investigation against DSAI. I was quite taken aback and I told him that he (TS Musa) was the IGP at that time and that I am sure he does not think that there was any conspiracy against DSAI in my investigations. I told him that the statements from the witnesses are evident that there is not a shred of conspiracy. TS Musa said that he was satisfied with my answer. We sat for a few more minutes and talked about other things. TS Musa seemed to be aware that I was going to Hilton to meet Sanjeev and I told him that I will be meeting Sanjeev shortly at PJ Hilton. I dropped TS Musa in his house and proceeded to Hilton PJ.”

“I met Sanjeevan at the coffee house within the lobby of PJ Hilton. He was sitting at a table and looked preoccupied with some documents. As I got acquainted with him, he told me that he was assisting DSAI in the coming General Elections, and that it was going to be a sure win for PKR. He informed me that DSAI was campaigning in Ipoh at the moment. Sanjeevan was very direct. He asked me whether I would make a press statement to say that there was conspiracy in my investigations against DSAI. He told me that I would be taken care of should PKR win.”

“I told Sanjeevan that I could not make such a statement, as my investigations showed no conspiracy. Then he asked me whether I can just say that there was government interference during investigations, to which I responded in the negative too. I then suggested that if they wanted me to help out in any way, at best I could say that I respected the High Court’s decision to acquit DSAI and wished him well. Sanjeevan then proceeded to call DSAI with his hand phone and informed DSAI that I was there with him. He then gave the phone to me, requesting that I talk to DSAI. I just wished DSAI well for the elections and told him that I was not able to say what Sanjeevan had wanted me to say, but that I would just mention that I respected the Courts decision in his (DSAI’s) case. DSAI replied that it was alright and good enough for me to say just that.”

“Sanjeevan than suggested that he would write down something mild for me to say to the press in support of DSAI, and that he would call the press in the morning should I agree. He then asked me to go to a new hotel in KL Central and meet a person who would show me what he had written on my behalf, which I was to give to the press the next morning. Sanjeevan also told me that I would be well protected in the hotel and that I can stay at the hotel for the night, all on the house. Just out of curiosity I decided to go and see how far it is going to go.”

“I reached the new hotel at KL Central at about 8 pm. At the lobby, I met a bearded Indian Muslim man and another person sitting at a table. I introduced myself and said that I was with Sanjeevan earlier, and that I was to see them. They told me that they were assisting DSAI in the elections. The bearded man had already drafted a letter and asked me to read it, and that if I had agreed to it, they would call the press in the morning. I was completely shocked after reading a passage of about 100 words, which said that I was the Investigation Officer and that DSAI was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him. The passage made me look like a fool and would have thrown my integrity down the drain after all my hard work. I refused to subscribe to their request and just walked away from the hotel.”

“I drove back to my house in Ipoh the very same night, regretting that I had ever met Sanjeevan and his friends, who intended to exploit me for their needs. Later on that same day, TS Musa texted me and asked me how my meeting went. When I told him what had happened, he texted me in reply saying that I did the right thing in safeguarding my integrity.”

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