Black 505: A Disaster for Anwar Ibrahim

At 2 pm the Black 505 rally is already losing impact before it even started. The overall turn-up stands at more or less 6,000 people. Mostly hardcore PAS and PKR supporters while DAP could hardly be seen anywhere. Looking at them moving towards Padang Merbok from the 7 assembly points, only reminds me of the ‘Rise of the Planets of the Apes’.

DAP must have chickened-out when the ‘jihad’ call came from Husam just days before the rally. The call was echoed in the social media urging the protestors to attack the police and start chaos. This, could be the reason DAP chose to stay home instead, or it could also be the smog. Either way, it only proved that DAP is afraid to die.

Morale was low for half of the protestors as the sun shows no mercy and the smog fills their lungs. There were complaints of long unnecessary speeches which deemed inconsiderate, due to weather condition. As usual, some protestors were seen carrying their children, even an OKU child in order to gain sympathy. A man was seen reaching out for his asthma-inhaler, and a tourist was heard complaining about his ruined vacation. Apart from these, there was not much ‘action’ to be excited about this whole Black505 rally.

Tian Chua, Azmin, Khalid Samad, Johari Abdul, Chua Jui Meng were among the PR leaders who were there the earliest. Up till 3pm, Anwar has yet to be seen anywhere but the protestors are gaining volume to about 7K to 9K.

Having witnessed so many of PR’s rallies before, Black505 seems to have lost all the spirit. Some protestors just decided to go back to their hotels for reasons that we could only guess.

The Kelana Jaya Blackout rally had managed to gather around 10,000 and was said to be a ‘great success’ of the PR. And so, PR targeted around 500,000 for this Black505 today.

Therefore, should the number be less than Kelana Jaya’s, it would be a catastrophe for Anwar Ibrahim. Even if it does get around 20,000 – 30,000 it would still be a disaster. Even Teresa Kok’s majority vote was way more than that. Now, where the hell are those voters? Did they really exist? Where are the 51% popular votes of PR? Just in case Anwar didn’t know, 10,000 against 28 million does not reflect the voice of the rakyat.

Whatever it is, the fact is that Anwar has accepted the result of GE-13 when he agrees to appear in Parliament as the Opposition Leader of Malaysia. So, what is the protest for?

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